Project Description

3D imagery for marketing of $100M property development of 140 total residential dwellings. 3D rendered exterior and interior images were prepared for a marketing document.

The Grove is a lifestyle choice for the security conscious, and we plan to set it up in a  illage-like gourmet environment. Overall, the Grove is an intelligent new neighbourhood that is designed for relaxed, easy, edge-of-the-city living with affordable options handy to great transport and daily amenities. Set amongst fruit-tree-lined lanes and parkland, elegant architecturally designed, standalone, freehold properties will be built, keeping energy efficiency, durability and most importantly – affordability in mind.
Each lane will have its own security-gated entrance, creating a defined and secure pocket of houses that is not accessible to Joe Bloggs from the street.  Built out of trusted and lasting materials, these two-level homes offer families who choose to live at
The Grove options of three, four or five bedrooms.  We expect The Grove to set the mark a notch up from  its competitors. Altogether we are planting over 1000  trees in this 12 acre development and incorporating a  woodland grove, wetlands, soft hedging, flower beds  and off-road cycle tracks.  The point of difference starts as you enter the
subdivision, with a welcoming pond and a centre piece reserve hill that has two main roads wrapped around it. It is from these two main roads that security gated lanes spread out creating secure pockets of houses setting up individual communities

Project Details

Client: Jasmax Architects, Equinox Group

Tags: Exterior Imagery

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